Colors and markings.

Fur farms have bred skunks with many colors and markings over the years. Nowadays skunks come not only in black but also in brown, smoke, apricot, white and many other colors. Colors and markings can be combined at random. There are also different facial markings ranging from a narrow stripe to almost a complete white mask. These facial markings are inherent of the color or body markings.

Facial markings;

From left to right; narrow stripe, broad stripe, blotch and masked.


From left to right; Black, Smoke, Lavender, White, Apricot, Champagne and Brown.



This type has two white stripes from the head down to the base of the tail. The body can be any color.

Depicted is a brown Classic.


This marking has four white spots, one on each leg. The body can be any color.

Depicted is a champagne Chipped.


This marking has extra white swirling stripes along the hips and sides. The body can be any color.

Depicted is an apricot Swirled.


This marking has a complete white back and tail. The body can be any color.

Depicted is a smoke Silverback.


This marking has also been seen in wild skunks. There are no stripes, just a white patch on the head and often a white tip on the tail.

Depicted is a black Star.

Falling Star

This marking is almost the same as the Star. There are two narrow short stripes just up to the shoulders.

Depicted is a black Falling Star.

Dark eyed-white

The Dark eyed-white is a white skunk with dark eyes.


This is a white skunk but in a certain light white stripes can be seen. This is caused by a different structure of the hairs in the striped parts.


This is a black skunk with no markings at all. Only a facial stripe might be present. It appears that on rare occasions browns skunks exists without any markings.

Albino and Red eyed-white

An Albino can be a skunk with any color and markings but is unable to develop pigmentation and therefore is white overall with red eyes. A red eyed-white is genetically white with red eyes. Both types look the same, a white skunk with red eyes.