To give up and adoption.

To give up

Lack of time, an allergy, a situation that makes it no longer possible to take care of the skunks, an unwanted litter... Everyone has his or her reasons why it may be necessary to give up their skunk. The skunks are always welcome. However, it may be possible we can not take them in right away. Because we simply lack the space or time, to take in extra skunks. In such situations one can be put on a waiting list and of course, when there is a place, we will contact you as soon as possible.

The procedure;

When a new skunk comes in the overall condition and health is checked. We check on the coat, parasites, teeth, ears, eyes, nails, weight and mobility. A form of detachment is to be signed and a contribution to general costs is requested. The first period skunks go into quarantine. They will be treated against parasites, get microchipped and spayed / neutered (if it is not yet done). It is also observed how the behavior and character is. After this period they will be introduced to the other skunks, photos are made and the skunks are put on the website so that a new owner can be found.

To adopt

The Dutch Skunk Foundation maintains a number of criteria to which the new home of skunks must be met. The minimum area that the foundation uses is 20 m2 for 2 skunks. For each additional skunk is another 5 m2 to be reserved. The rescues often have had a poor start and we now want the best for them. Therefore we desire of the potential new owner whether they are well informed or already have experience with skunks. Of course, we also stand by for questions and advise after the adoption has taken place.

All adoptable skunks have been neutered or spayed and microchipped.

At an adoption an agreement is signed. It discribes a number of conditions, such as that the skunk at all times can be brought back to the shelter. Also an animal can never besold or given away to a third party without consultation. If the shelter is in agreement with the new home, it is agreed, but otherwise the animal needs to be returned to the shelter. This also applies to if you are looking for an animal for when you already own a skunk, and the rescue skunk doesn't click with your own skunk. We can always see if it works better with another. In addition, for all skunks who are to be rehomed a contribution in the general costs is requested.

To adopt;

Moby is a male champagne colored classic skunk. He is born in 2009. He's not the most cuddly kind of skunk and tries to flee when he spots humans.