Welcome to The Dutch Skunk Foundation site.

The Dutch Skunk Foundation and their volunteers apply themselves to educate people about domestic skunks as pets and offer shelter for those skunks that need a new home for what ever reason. If possible the foundation will try to be present at animal events and at animal welfare organisations.

The foundation is not State-aided and depends fully on the efforts of the volunteers, gifts, donations and the little bit of money that comes in through adoptions, when a skunk is given up and the support a skunk program. But more often the volunteers pay a lot out of their own pockets…

The foundation is a Tax Exempt organisation, your donation can be deductable. Would you like to support our rescue skunks? You can donate via PayPal (hennie@stichtinghetstinkdier.nl), bank account (NL36 INGB 0005 9896 07) or our Support a Skunk programm.


The volunteers shelter the skunks at their own home. This is done next to their regular jobs, keeping house and their social lives purely out of the love for the skunks. The volunteers are, unfortunately, not always able to answer phone calls due to jobs, visits to the vet, cleaning out the skunk homes, etc. That's why we prefer to have contact by e-mail if you wish to have information, support or if you'd like to adopt a skunk; that way we can answer your questions at a time that is most convenient for us. Usually it will be answered within a day or two.

Skunks that will most likely remain for a longer period of time in the shelter, such as those with chronic medical conditions or with quite a temper, are also committed to the Support-A-Skunk program. The Support-A-Skunk program offers the opportunity to financially support a specific skunk, somewhat like adopting a skunk from a distance. No cleaning out skunk houses and litter boxes, feedings or visits to the vet, but you do support the skunk and the shelter!

In this way an important weight can be lifted!

Several times the shelter got in rescues that sustained serious injuries (broken nose, concussion) during capture with a catch pole or net. We strongly reccomend the use of live traps instead.


The Dutch Skunk Foundation

Per address;

Föhn 15

3454 KC De Meern

The Netherlands



Chamber of commerce no; 28102121

Bank; NL36 INGB 0005 9896 07

PayPal; hennie@stichtinghetstinkdier.nl

Click here to join SkunkInfo, an American mailinglist about pet skunks.

If you find a sick, injured, or orphaned skunk or have any questions regarding wild skunks in North America, please contact;

Dove Key Ranch Wildlife Rehabilitation, Inc.

For emergency situations, call their 24/7 skunk hotline:


For non-emergency inquires, e-mail