Support a skunk.

Support a skunk and... In exchange for your financial support you will get updates on the well-being of 'your' skunk. After your first payment you'll receive a Foster certificate with a short description of the skunk. Unless you don't approve, your name will be added as the foster parent on the website and that it is you who ensures the skunk to have a better future.

The procedure ;

First you must select the skunk you would like to foster. Then send an email to with Support A Skunk in the subject line and the name of the skunk you wish to foster. Your donation can be transferred to bank account number 5989507 of the ING bank IBAN: NL36INGB0005989607 BIC: INGBNL2A on behalf of Stichting Het Stinkdier.

Yet to support:

Flynn is a beautiful smoke colored girl. She is very sweet and will remain at the shelter. She is one of our ambassadors and comes allong with our educational events.
Vincent is a black classic skunk. He was found wandering the streets and it took a while for he was captured. Vincent has some old scars on the back of his head and misses one ear. He was packed with worms but a dewormer solved that problem.

Kaylo has been with us for many years and has hadthe same foster parents ever since.

Fang has came to the shelter in 2010. He had a gastric ulcer and due to excessive vomiting his teeth are in bad shape and has a sensitive digestive system. Fang is a very sweet little classic black skunk. He is born in 2005 and he will not be rehomed. Fang will participate in our educational programms.

Stinky was bought at a wholesaler at a discount because he had "beauty flaws". He misses a toe and his ears. Also his jaw was hurt and he had to have reconstructive surgery. Unfortunate his owners unexpectedly found out they were having a baby. There was no spare room to make it a baby room so they made the most difficult decision ever and had to give him up...

Already fostered !

Nymph has been abandonned in a forest. She is born in 2011. Nymph was infested with ticks and infected with Lyme Disease and became paralized from the waist down. But due to treatment with antibiotics, painkillers and physotherapie she made a great improvement. Nymph is a non-descented beautifull brown chipped skunk with an impressive bushy and long tail. It is beyond comprehension that someone could abandon the sweet little girl...

Her foster parent is Natalie Sweeting

Moby is a male champagne colored classic skunk. He is born in 2009. He's not the most cuddly kind of skunk and tries to flee when he spots humans.

Adopted in honour of Hennie's devotion to the skunks of the Netherlands by some stinkers in Texas.